7 Tips For Fast Beer Cooling


The party and the atmosphere of the party are the order of the day. Sometimes it’s better with meeting good friends in the yard and watching a game. Of course, cold beer is an integral part of this. But what if there is no more? What if the beer in the fridge, or the beer becomes “tea” at high temperatures? A horror scenario for all beer lovers because nobody wants to drink warm beer. In case of this emergency, you need to have a solution in place.

So that you can enjoy cold beer anytime, anywhere, we have put together some good tips for cooling beer for you. 

#7 The cooler bag or cooling box

Known worldwide and available in almost all sizes, a cool box or bag is ideal for keeping your beer cool. Care must be taken to store enough cooling charge in it. 

Tip: The most original product is a cooling bag combined with a folding chair, which is best suited for outdoor activities. 

#6 Digging in as beer cooling

The most natural refrigerator ever, is “earth” in the truest sense of the word. Everyone buried their feet in the sand on the beach and found that at low depths, the temperature was much colder than above.

The downside is having to clean the bottle before drinking, depending on the substrate. 

#5 Dry ice

Dry ice or frozen CO2 can reach temperatures up to -50 ° C. At these temperatures, the beer can quickly cool off, with the result that the frozen ice begins to evaporate in fresh air. However, it is also important to ensure the safe management of dry ice, severe burns can occur during skin contact, and should not be consumed under any circumstances.

#4 Self-cooling tapping system

For the entire beer barrel, self-cooling taps are used for proper beer cooling. For tapping systems, of course, a power connection is required. This can be a bit tricky on the beach … unless you can find a solution for it.

#3 Ice Cube

Ice cubes can be purchased today in almost any “street corner”: the nearest supermarket, beverage market or gas station, pre-packaged. All you need is a larger container to fill with ice and beer. It’s a little easier if you tear the bag and add a few beers to cool it down.

Tip: The beer box ice cube for making itself fits perfectly on a box of beer and cools all the bottles in it evenly.

#2 Beer in the water, the perfect beer cooling?

One of the easiest ways to cool beer is to soak it in cool water. If you are outdoors, the suitable places would be rivers or lakes. Indoors, you can use your bathtub or shower filled with cold water. This is where ingenuity is much needed.

#1 Evaporation

This method is ecological, simple, effective and amazingly the same, so this beer cooling method deserves our 1st place. To cool your beer down a few degrees you only need cold water and a cloth, preferably a towel but if necessary it would also do a sock. Simply wrap the beer with the damp cloth and place it in the sun – yes you have read correctly, off into the sun. For the water in the cloth to evaporate, it needs energy and it deprives the beer of heat. In other words, the beer releases heat to the cloth and thus becomes colder.

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